Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What's important?

I've been thinking about this a bit. When it comes down to it, what's more important than our relationships with the people around us? Sure there's all kinds of stuff we want to do and accomplish, but it's just a means to sharing something with someone else.

This is good, but how can we be closer to the people around us? We know that our friends and family have certain expectations for us. It's reasonable for us to meet some of those expectations. Sometimes it's not; we have different beliefs and hold different things important to us. But if we have a plan, if we have things we want to accomplish and we are making steps forward toward those goals, then we can be sure of ourselves and have no reason to distance ourselves from others.

Sometimes people tell us what we need to change or do differently. A lot of things are difficult, if not impossible, to do differently if we don't have a good reason or motivation to do so. Some things we have to learn for ourselves. There's no shame in this as long as we continue to learn as we go along. I kinda feel like the journey is the fun part anyway. It's good to deviate from the normal path once in a while and gain some perspective. If we aren't stumbling blindly (sometimes if we are, too, I guess ;-) , then we can learn all kinds of things to share. If we lead by example and are open with others, they may respond and share a bit and grow a little closer.

Something else to consider is that if we do have a plan and are somewhat sure of ourselves, we can listen to others without feeling threatened. You can just say (or think), "that's cool, but I still want to try this", to whatever they tell you. Then you can try not to scare them and tell them your idea. Oh yah, groovy.

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