Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diving at La Jolla Cove, again.

We went back out to the cove this morning. The tide was pretty high and still coming in, so the water wasn't as calm as it was yesterday. Jess and Jesse went out for 30 minutes first thing, but came in pretty quickly. It sounds like they got worn out swimming against all the movement of the water. They did see a couple guitar fish and some lobsters while they were out, though.

There was still 1800 psi in the tank Jess was using when they got back in, so I went back out for a few. There was only about a 4' visibility today, yesterday was closer to 20', and the currents seemed to be spinning me in circles. What an experience. I had to check the compass every few seconds to make sure I kept moving the same direction. I went out NW from the beach in the middle of the cove, toward open water, and tried to start moving W around the shoreline. There are a bunch of rock formations around the coastline to the W of the beach. Anywho, only being able to see a feet in front of me and with the water moving around so much, I couldn't really get to where I was going.

I didn't see a whole lot of fish this time out, but there was a seal out a ways that I must have swam around with for twenty minutes. This totally made the dive worth while. The whole experience was kind of a trip, trying to keep my bearings, being isolated by the lack of visibility, and having the seal bump into my legs over and over, coming in and out of the murkiness in the water around me. There were a few times I was peering at the compass and kicking away feeling something bumping my feet and looking back to see his dark shape there by my fins. He came up under me a few times and I felt daring enough to touch him with my hand a couple times.

I surfaced three or four times during the thirty or so minutes I was out to get my bearings straight. I was pretty far out when the tank pressure was getting down toward 500 psi. Since I was getting tired of trying to get anywhere by looking at the compass down in the murk I just came up and swam on the surface back toward the shore. I was actually a little worried, as it seemed like I was getting carried further out while I had been trying to move W toward the shore earlier. It's not possible to immediately see how far one's moving along the shoreline when not right up against it. Anywho, I didn't see any more of the seal once I came up to to the top and started swimming back.

No new pictures of this time out.

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