Friday, July 31, 2009

The Myvu Wearable Display

The Myvu crystal looks like first relatively practical platform for the average, everyday, gargoyle. They offer full vga, 640x480, resolution; just the minimum for graphical applications, and ample space for light console work. At $300, this is the first vga wearable display within reach of the average geek consumer.

Myvu Reviews:
On Gizmodo - A comparison against the Zeiss Cinemizer
CrunchGear - Just a review

These all rehash pretty much the same things: They're not HD, but still really cool. They're nearly unanimously recommended if one travels a lot, but otherwise found hard to justify at $300. You'll look like Jordie wearing them. That's where the monocle hacks come in ;-).

Myvu Hack Links:
Make - Myvu display in a wearable computer
Make - Myvu solo goggles take apart...
Make - Myvu crystal as a wearable headmounted display

flicker - myvu parallax - This is a great set of images showing the internals and how to modify a myvu to be less intrusive.

VGA->RCA Converters:

At least w/ my EEE, one of these would be required. Some higher end systems have native hardware support for RCA.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Dome

So that's the cable going up to the top of Half-Dome (above). It's pretty cool. Here are a bunch of photos of halfdome and the trail going up to it:

There were marmots up on top! They're about the size of house cats and seemed as mischievous and lazy. One we say was just laying in the sun on some rocks. When people came and looked at it, he stood up and looked back at them. I think it made it uncomfortable when I snuck around behind it and poked my head out of some rocks w/ a camera to take pictures... Another we came across was trying to get into the backpacks of a couple people who were sitting on a rock above it watching it. The marmots and other critters on top of the dome are very sneaky about steeling food from tourists.