Friday, July 31, 2009

The Myvu Wearable Display

The Myvu crystal looks like first relatively practical platform for the average, everyday, gargoyle. They offer full vga, 640x480, resolution; just the minimum for graphical applications, and ample space for light console work. At $300, this is the first vga wearable display within reach of the average geek consumer.

Myvu Reviews:
On Gizmodo - A comparison against the Zeiss Cinemizer
CrunchGear - Just a review

These all rehash pretty much the same things: They're not HD, but still really cool. They're nearly unanimously recommended if one travels a lot, but otherwise found hard to justify at $300. You'll look like Jordie wearing them. That's where the monocle hacks come in ;-).

Myvu Hack Links:
Make - Myvu display in a wearable computer
Make - Myvu solo goggles take apart...
Make - Myvu crystal as a wearable headmounted display

flicker - myvu parallax - This is a great set of images showing the internals and how to modify a myvu to be less intrusive.

VGA->RCA Converters:

At least w/ my EEE, one of these would be required. Some higher end systems have native hardware support for RCA.


Loving Life said...

Is this a "monitorless" computer.....?

Dan said...

It is a little monitor for a computer that you can clip to your glasses. They can hook up to a laptop, pda, ipod, etc.